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, a big game today. >> this was on fox, san francisco 49ers having outscored the last two opponents, 79-3. they're homes against the giants and the rematch, with the giants won, across the country and beat them again, and handily. and the giants looking very good. >> harris: let's talk about dallas and my family is there and 11 cousins in dallas metro. >> i don't know, talk to jerry jones. the cowboys are not-- >> talk to jerry jones? he doesn't carry the ball. >> and they fell behind and last lost in the end. the cowboys lost and lost lewis, for the year. >> harris: i saw that on twitter, you tweeted it out. the detroit tigers, and go up two games and win both against the yankees in alcs. won today 3-0. derek jeter as you know, broke his ankle in game one and the yankees, kano, the bombers supposed to be hitting the ball, they do know the and tigers go up 2-0 and go back to detroit. >> that video was so hard to
from colorado. thank you very much. >>> a boat loaded with bachelor partiers begins sinking in the san francisco bay. our top story on a fox trip across america. >>> california. that boat carrying two dozen people when it began taking on water near alcatraz island. the coast guard reporting the 40-foot vessel hit an unknown object. the coast guard was nearby rescuing everybody on board. >>> texas. a big rig hauling 50-pound bags of pinto beans goes off a driver. the driver not hurt. police say a blown tire likely caused the 18 wheeler to flip off the interstate and land on its side spilling, you guessed it, the beans. crews spent hours trying to lift the truck out of the embankment. pennsylvania. the fbi investigating after someone made off with an unknown amount of newly redesigned and still unreleased $100 bills. the feds saying the money was being shipped from dallas to the federal reserve bank near philadelphia. police want merchants who see the unusual looking new $100 bills to contact the fbi. >>> back to california. and a san diego high school. 18-year-old ivan mendoza who has d
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)

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